Pamela Pavliscak Faculty at Pratt Institute

Pamela is a designer and futurist, specializing in emotionally intelligent tech. Her work brings together empathy research, affective computing, and expressive interfaces to make technology more human.

She’s founder of Subjective, an emotional design and tech consultancy.

Her book Emotionally Intelligent Design maps out how we can create a more empathetic future by blending machine and human emotional intelligence. The collection Digital Fix includes her chapter about designing for well-being. Next, she’s working on a field guide to internet emotion.

KeynoteFri 12 February
The Future of Feeling (after a Global Pandemic)

Between pervasive coronanxiety, bouts of zoom gloom, and oxytocin deprivation, the global pandemic is playing havoc with our emotions. As we experience the entire spectrum of human relationships imperfectly pixelated, we struggle to communicate. In the online-mostly world we’re left with bland substitutes for rich expression in place of facial expressions, gestures and vocal tones to convey the nuances of feeling. Can emotional technology help us set course towards a new normal?

In this talk, we’ll look at how changes in the way we relate to each other and pandemic tech innovations may intersect to bring about a more emotionally intelligent future. Together we’ll consider:

  • An overview of the emotion tech landscape, from AI to VR to haptics
  • The possibilities, limitations, and dangers of mixing tech and emotion
  • A roadmap for an emotionally intelligent and empathetic future

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