Margot Bloomstein Principal at Appropriate, Inc.

Margot Bloomstein is one of the leading voices in the content strategy industry. She is the author of Trustworthy: How the Smartest Brands Beat Cynicism and Bridge the Trust Gapand Content Strategy at Work: Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project and the principal of Appropriate, Inc., a brand and content strategy consultancy based in Boston.

As a speaker and strategic adviser, she has worked with marketing teams in a range of organizations over the past two decades. The creator of BrandSort, she developed the popular message architecture-driven approach to content strategy.

Margot teaches in the content strategy graduate program at FH Joanneum University in Graz, Austria, and lectures around the world about brand-driven content strategy and designing for trust.

Find her on Twitter at @mbloomstein and get Trustworthy at

MasterClassThu 11 February
Design for TrustOur Opportunity, Our Responsibility

Cynicism is easy. Hope takes work. Trust bridges the distance between them, and it’s under attack. Consumers and citizens alike have lost confidence in services, science, brands, interfaces—and in themselves, when they need to assess information or make decisions. But UX professionals—designers, IAs, content strategists—are uniquely positioned to beat back cynicism by educating our audiences.

Discover how your choices in content and design can empower people and renew their sense of trust. We’ll dig into a broad range of examples in publishing, retail, government, and software to explore a bold vision for the future and tactical, three-part framework to nurture user confidence, renew trust in your organization—and even strengthen society itself.


  • Act as creative director to rework the content and design decisions of a leading marketing organization to maintain customer loyalty over time and new product rollouts
  • Determine the right volume of information to build trust in a government portal, retail destination, and omnichannel cooking brand
  • Brainstorm and explore what it means for brands to “prototype in public” and use vulnerability as a strength that attracts more invested users

Come prepared with your favorite pen and notebook—and leave with a discount code for Trustworthy!

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