Erika Hall Author of Just Enough Research

Erika Hall is the Co-founder and Director of Strategy at Mule. She has advocated for the importance of evidence-based design and strong language since the late 20th century. This represents decades of fisticuffs.

Her consulting practice focuses on helping organizations make better, more evidence-based decisions. This includes mentorship around creating a qualitative research practice, process redesign, as well as coaching and training in the form of talks and workshops for leaders and teams who just need a dose of expertise in a specific area.

She is the author of Just Enough Research, now in its second edition, and Conversational Design, both from A Book Apart. Erika loves helping people overcome the often invisible organizational barriers to doing good work.

MasterClassFri 12 February
Let's Get Design Research Right

At this point, most designers and product teams are making a good faith effort to be customer-centered and doing at least some research. Why does it seem like so many decisions are still based on speculation or personal opinion? Why are so many organizations still uncomfortable with qualitative data?

Because our whole lives we've been rewarded for having the right answer instead of asking questions—at school and then at work. So, asking questions is uncomfortable for everyone. But, succeeding in a constantly changing world requires continuous learning.

  • Identify what you really need to know
  • Formulate and prioritize your questions
  • Understand how to use quantitative and qualitative data together
  • Choose research methods and activities
  • Set yourself up to influence decision-making

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